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The Iowa Pheasants Forever Art Council was founded in 1987.  The purpose of this branch of the Iowa PF State Council is to provide opportunity for Iowa artists and to supply quality art for Iowa Pheasants Forever chapters for their local fund raising events.  The proceeds of the sale of these prints each year go to support the projects of the Iowa Pheasants Forever State Council.  Over $200,000 has been raised since the first Iowa PF Print of the Year was sold in 1987. 

The Art Competition is held each year in January or February at the Iowa PF State Convention or Pheasant Fest when it comes to Iowa.  The Print/Artist of the year is chosen by popular vote by Pheasants Forever Members in attendance of these events.  New this past year is the Iowa Habitat Stamp Print.  The Iowa Habitat Stamp and print will be the first runner up in the annual Art Competition each year and for sale to Iowa Chapters to use at their local fund raising events.  This is a small edition of only 110 prints and is limited to one per chapter for the year it is released. 

If interested in purchasing either the Iowa Print of the Year or the Habitat Stamp Print please contact White’s Woodworking via the contact information listed on their webpage. In addition to current print’s available they also have a surplus of past Prints of the Year available for purchase, for more information on these please contact Kim at White’s Woodworking for availability and pricing.

Forms and Prints: